Crossword #36 — Jupiter’s Great Red Spot (Cloze)

Crossword #36 — Jupiter’s Great Red Spot (Cloze)

Jupiter’s Great Red [10 Across] – a hurricane three times [4 Across] than Earth – is blasting the planet’s upper atmosphere with heat, astronomers have found.

Using measurements from an infrared telescope in Hawaii, a UK and US team [3 Across] evidence for temperatures as [2 Down] as 1,500C – hundreds of [5 Down] warmer than anywhere else on the [7 Down].

They suggest the hotspot is [8 Down] by thunderous soundwaves “breaking” in the [1 Down] upper reaches of the atmosphere.

It arguably solves what planetary scientists had dubbed an “energy crisis” for gas [6 Down] like Jupiter: temperatures in their upper atmospheres soar much higher than can be explained by solar energy – especially given their vast distances from the Sun.

If the mysterious [11 Across] were generated by local sources, like Jupiter’s famous storm, then the conundrum would be solved – and these measurements are the first direct [9 Across] of any such activity.

Study co-author Dr Tom Stallard, from the University of Leicester, said this was a major step [3 Down] in a “20-30 year odyssey” to try and [12 Across] heat flow on Jupiter.


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