Crossword #37 — Physical Activity (Cloze)

Crossword #37 — Physical Activity (Cloze)

At least an hour of physical activity a day may be required to offset the [11 Down] effects of sitting at a [1 Down] for eight hours, according to the latest [18 Across] to highlight the perils of a sedentary lifestyle.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) guideline, adopted by Public Health England, recommends 150 minutes of exercise a week but research, based on data from more than one million [6 Down], suggests that is insufficient for [16 Down].

A [8 Down] of international experts found that the [19 Across] of dying during a follow-up period of two to 18 years was 9.9% for those who [7 Across] for eight or more hours a day and engaged in [5 Down] activity, [13 Across] with 6.8% for those who sat for [5 Across] than four hours a day and were active for at least one hour a day.

But they also [17 Across] that the increased risk of [1 Across] associated with sitting for eight [2 Down] a day was eliminated for people who did a [15 Across] of one hour of physical [4 Down] a day.

Lead author Prof Ulf Ekelund, from the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences and Cambridge University, said: “You don’t need to do [9 Across], you don’t need to go to the [12 Down]. It’s OK doing [10 Across] brisk walking, maybe in the morning, during lunchtime, after [14 Down] in the evening. You can split it up over the day, but you need to do at [3 Down] one hour.”

SOURCE: The Guardian

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