Crossword English #120 — Child Prodigy’s Cinderella Opera

Crossword English #120 — Child Prodigy’s Cinderella Opera

An audience in Vienna has given a standing ovation to 11-year-old British [3 DOWN] Alma Deutscher at the premiere of her [15 ACROSS] Cinderella.

The [22 ACROSS], who says she gets musical inspiration [2 DOWN] skipping, “seemed very thrilled with it [19 DOWN]“, her [21 DOWN] manager Judy Grahame [5 DOWN] the BBC.

Deutscher reimagined the [13 DOWN] of Cinderella, setting it in an opera house run by the wicked stepmother.

The German-language opera was [9 DOWN] at Vienna’s Casino Baumgarten [13 ACROSS].

Deutscher, who is homeschooled in Dorking, south of London, participated in the performance.

She [17 ACROSS] musical interludes on the piano and at [12 ACROSS] point accompanied Cinderella on the violin.

Some have compared the girl’s musical talent with that of Vienna’s most famous child prodigy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who thrilled Europe with his operas and instrumental works in the late 18th Century.

When [18 ACROSS] about her creativity, Deutscher said: “I don’t go to school, I learn at home, I’m home-schooled. I read lots of books, I love [14 DOWN]… I read biographies about scientists and composers.”

There was no giant [21 ACROSS] in her opera, nor did the prince find Cinderella’s lost [6 DOWN], like in more famous versions of the tale.

Instead, the prince was haunted by a melody that Cinderella sang [20 ACROSS] she fled the ball without finishing it.

The [8 ACROSS] girl who could finish the [11 DOWN] was Cinderella herself, and that was [1 ACROSS] the prince rediscovered her.

Ms Grahame said tickets were sold [10 ACROSS] for the premiere and for Friday’s performance in the Austrian [3 ACROSS]. There are two more performances on 4 and 5 January. The hall, on the edge of Vienna, has about 300 seats.

Deutscher’s next [4 DOWN] is to complete a piano concerto, then she [16 DOWN] to write a book and turn that into a [7 ACROSS] – writing the score for it herself.

Source: BBC News 

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