Crossword English #165 — Life Expectancy Rise

Crossword English #165 — Life Expectancy Rise

Life expectancy will soon [11 DOWN] 90 years for the first time, scientists have predicted, overturning all the assumptions about [7 ACROSS] longevity that prevailed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Women [1 ACROSS] in South Korea in 2030 are forecast to have a life expectancy of 90, a study has found. But other developed countries are not [8 DOWN] behind, raising serious questions about the health and social [17 ACROSS] that will be needed by [12 DOWN] numbers of the population living through their 80s.

The findings are from an international team of scientists [8 ACROSS] by the UK Medical Research Council and the US Environmental Protection Agency, and [14 DOWN] with caveats. It is impossible to accurately forecast the natural disasters, disease outbreaks or climate [2 DOWN] that may take a toll of lives around the [6 ACROSS].

[4 ACROSS] the study in the Lancet medical journal [15 DOWN] a significant rise in life expectancy in most of the 35 developed [3 DOWN] studied. A notable exception is the US, where a combination of obesity, deaths of mothers and babies at [1 DOWN], homicides and lack of equal [13 ACROSS] to healthcare is predicted to cause life expectancy to [10 ACROSS] more slowly [5 DOWN] in most comparable countries.

[16 DOWN] born in 2030 in the US may [18 ACROSS] to have similar lifespans to those in the Czech Republic, the [19 ACROSS] suggests, and girls will have life expectancy similar to those in Croatia and Mexico. Life expectancy for babies born in the US in 2030 is predicted to be 83.3 in 2030 for [6 DOWN] and 79.5 for men, a small rise from the 2010 [9 ACROSS] of 81.2 and 76.5 respectively.

Source : The Guardian


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