Crossword English #170 — St Patrick’s Day in Belfast

Crossword English #170 — St Patrick’s Day in Belfast

The annual St Patrick’s Day celebrations are almost upon us, and as usual, Belfast will mark [15 DOWN] 17 with a colourful carnival [11 DOWN] and free concert in [22 ACROSS] city centre… or so we hope.

Already [10 DOWN] residents in the long-suffering Holyland [5 ACROSS] have expressed concern that Belfast [24 ACROSS] Council has not revealed its plan to [18 ACROSS] with any potential disturbances this [20 DOWN].

There are currently plans to [21 ACROSS] the world record for a rock the boat gather, leading to fears that a huge [17 DOWN] of young people will take over the area.

A spokesperson for Belfast City Council [6 ACROSS]: “As in previous years, we will be working in close co-operation with partner agencies including PSNI*, the two universities and local residents on an ongoing basis to minimise any negative [7 ACROSS] of the celebrations on the wider community, [4 DOWN] allowing people to safely and lawfully [12 ACROSS] the day.”

A [3 ACROSS] action plan for the festivities in the Holyland are said to include: preventing bus [2 ACROSS] of people coming [1 DOWN] the area, monitoring social media and more powers to confiscate alcohol on St Patrick’s Day.

It [9 DOWN] be revealed that last year’s chaos has resulted in a local business planning to [14 ACROSS] closed in fear it could happen [16 ACROSS].

Belfast businessman Chris Suitor had to close his business early due to security issues, and this year said he won’t [13 ACROSS].

Following St Patrick’s Day [2 DOWN] year, the PSNI said it had [23 ACROSS] 11 arrests “in and [8 DOWN] the city centre and Holyland areas”.

Meanwhile the main [19 DOWN] in Belfast city centre will include a parade starting from City Hall at 12 noon before making its way to the concert venue at Custom House Square.

* Police Service of Northern Ireland

SOURCE: Belfast Telegraph

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