Crossword English #40 — Giant Lobster (Cloze)

Crossword English #40 — Giant Lobster (Cloze)

A common lobster weighing in at 7.65kg is thought to be the heaviest caught by a diver in UK waters [9 Across] 1931.

The animal was discovered [10 Down] Lannacombe Beach in north Devon in [12 Down] before being [4 Across] to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth.

Initially [11 Across] Lionel, the lobster has since been renamed JJ in [7 Down] of British boxing Rio [15 Across] silver medalist, Joe Joyce, the aquarium said.

[6 Down] are monitoring the animal to check time [15 Down] of water has not [5 Down] it.

James Wright, the curator at the National Marine Aquarium where JJ was weighed, said he appeared to be the heaviest lobster caught in the UK since 1931, when one weighing just [10 Across] 9kg was caught off Fowey in Cornwall.

Mr Wright said it was “very [13 Across] to age a lobster” because they frequently moult and their growth is affected by [1 Down] factors.

[7 Across], he estimated JJ was [2 Down] 50 and 70 years old.

“He has [8 Across] some time with our husbandry [16 Across] here at the National Marine Aquarium who have been monitoring his progress very closely, and we’re [13 Down] to report he has been feeding well and is on the [14 Down] to recovery,” Mr Wright said.

He added the lobster would [3 Across] “other native marine species” at the aquarium when he had made a full recovery.

Source: BBC News, 27 August 2016


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  1. Hi Jeffrey, thanks for the interesting crossword puzzles! I like the new ‘cloze’ crosswords. Is it possible to have them in PDF format also?

  2. Hi Miriam,

    I’m glad you like the ‘cloze’ puzzles. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to generate a PDF version of this type of crossword automatically, as the text has to be produced independently of the grid. The simplest solution would be to just print the page.


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