Crossword English #41 — General (Elementary)

Crossword English #41 — General (Elementary)

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4 thoughts on “Crossword English #41 — General (Elementary)

  1. Hello, this is a good crossword. I did not know IMPACT forma example !
    1 cuestión,, can I print the PDF with a grey background as the black takes so muchos ink . Thank you jeffrey

  2. Hi Jeffery, I agree with Paul about the ink issue. When I set my printer to ‘economy’, the clues- especially the ones in red- are sometimes too light. Another question: why do so many of the crosswords have the title ‘Easter’? Lastly, I like your idea of publishing different types of crosswords on different days.

    1. Hi Miriam,

      Glad you like the new publishing schedule.

      I’ve fixed the ‘Easter’ problem. I didn’t realize that was happening.

      I’m not sure what to suggest about the ink issue. I’ll try putting the ‘clues’ in the cloze crosswords in bold so they print better but the black squares will always be black …


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