Crossword English #55 — Apple Unveils iPhone 7 (Cloze)

Crossword English #55 — Apple Unveils iPhone 7 (Cloze)

Apple announced a new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus , as well as a new [7 ACROSS] of the Apple watch, in a much-anticipated event in San Francisco Wednesday.

The new iPhone will not have an analog headphone [1 DOWN], possibly leading to a significant [17 ACROSS] shift in the way people listen to digital music and other [10 ACROSS].

Apple instead announced that the new [18 ACROSS] will come with headphones which plug into the lightning port, which until now was used only for charging. Consumers may also [14 ACROSS] Bluetooth wireless headphones for the [16 ACROSS].

During its annual fall product launch event Wednesday in the western U.S. city of San Francisco, California, the world’s most valuable publicly traded [5 DOWN] also announced that the phones will be [15 DOWN] and dust resistant, featuring a new kind of home [14 DOWN] as well as an improved [6 ACROSS]. The iPhone 7’s are also expected to have [8 ACROSS] processors and more [12 DOWN].

Other than some new colors, the new iPhones will look similar to the models Apple has been selling [4 ACROSS] 2014.

[11 DOWN] a decline in iPhone [4 DOWN], Apple is believed to [3 DOWN] scrapped its two year development cycle, meaning a major revamp of the iPhone will not [13 DOWN] until 2017.

iPhone sales [9 DOWN] two consecutive quarters this year, [2 DOWN] first declines in the history of the device.



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