Crossword English #60 — Britain’s Cash Revolution (Cloze)

Crossword English #60 — Britain’s Cash Revolution (Cloze)

At midnight on Monday the first [11 DOWN] machines in England and Wales [5 ACROSS] be loaded with our [18 DOWN] “polymer” plastic bank [2 DOWN] in the biggest cash revolution [14 ACROSS] decimalisation in 1971.

The Bank of [4 DOWN] has ordered the [7 ACROSS] of 440m of the shiny (some say slippery) £5 notes. Armoured vehicles have collected much of the £2bn-plus [21 ACROSS] of new money from the Bank’s cash centres in Debden, Essex, and Leeds, and ferried them to more than 30 high-security vaults [9 ACROSS] the country to [1 ACROSS] distribution to the high [10 DOWN] banks – and on Tuesday morning the public will have the first chance to handle and [15 ACROSS] them in person.

With the Queen on one side, Winston Churchill is the other face of the new [20 ACROSS], which will be made out of a [16 ACROSS] and flexible plastic material – including a see-through window – and will be 15% smaller than the current cotton-paper £5.

For [19 DOWN] it’s just the fiver that is changing – [7 DOWN] £10 and £20 notes will come [6 DOWN]. The new tenner, featuring Jane Austen, goes into circulation in summer next year, while the £20 note – by [20 DOWN] the most commonly [15 DOWN] – won’t be in our wallets [8 ACROSS] 2020. The Bank has [3 ACROSS] to decide if £50 notes will be printed in polymer, raising suspicions that it [5 DOWN] rather be rid of them altogether, given [17 DOWN] much they are used for [12 ACROSS] avoidance and the drug [13 ACROSS].

SOURCE: The Guardian (9 September 2016)

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