Crossword English #65 — Samsung Phone Recall (Cloze)

Crossword English #65 — Samsung Phone Recall (Cloze)

Samsung has said it will delay restarting the [16 DOWN] of its Galaxy Note 7 phone in South Korea, as the firm [14 ACROSS] more time for the global recall of the [2  DOWN].

The South [10 ACROSS] tech giant was forced to [4 ACROSS] some 2.5 million devices globally [2 ACROSS] to overheating batteries.

[5 DOWN] of devices were reported to have [3 ACROSS] fire.

The phone was to be [11 DOWN] on the shelf on 28 September but is now expected to be available 1 October at the [8 DOWN].

On 2 September Samsung had said it would [13 ACROSS] selling the phones and offered to replace the ones already [9 DOWN]. The firm also urged people to stop using the device.

The [7 DOWN] recall affects 10 [18 DOWN]. In South Korea, some 200,000 customers have already returned their devices with the same [15 DOWN] of people still left for the recall, according to Samsung.

The recall [12 ACROSS] after reports of ‘exploding’ phones

In the US, regulators have [1 ACROSS] a formal recall of the Note 7, while the country’s Federal Aviation Administration has told airline passengers not to bring the phones on planes unless they keep them turned off and don’t charge them during the flight.

A number of airlines around the globe have also [11 ACROSS] the phone from being used or charged on their [17 DOWN].

The phone was originally launched on 19 August and had been generally well-received by critics and [6 ACROSS].


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