Crossword English #75 — Electric Vehicles (Cloze)

Crossword English #75 — Electric Vehicles (Cloze)

[12 Down] of electric vehicles could be allowed to use bus lanes in five UK [22 Across] and [5 Down] go [4 Down] at traffic [1 Down], to tackle illegal levels of air pollution, the government [21 Across] suggested.

Launching [2 Down] consultation on clean air zones to be introduced in Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Derby and Southampton, the environment department said air pollution killed 50,000 people each year at an annual [10 Across] to society of £27.5bn.

Electric vehicles, [16 Down] emit no pollution directly, are [8 Across] as a key way for local authorities to bring down levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the [4 Across] cities, which are in breach of EU [1 Across].

Local authorities [23 Across] consider incentives to encourage people to [11 Down] to electric vehicles, said the draft clean air zone framework, published on Thursday.

These could include cheaper parking and allowing access to [18 Down] lanes. But [7 Down] authorities will be encouraged to consult with residents on [3 Down] ideas first, an environment department spokeswoman said.

The government said it wants [19 Across] city to have a mandatory charge by 2020 for dirty buses, coaches, [17 Down] and lorries, but not private [20 Down]. Birmingham and Leeds will tackle older vans [9 Across].

The [14 Across] of London, Sadiq Khan, this week called the capital’s toxic air a “[13 Down] emergency” as he launched proposals for a bigger and earlier clean air zone [15 Across] the one planned by his predecessor, Boris Johnson. Unlike the other schemes, London’s does [6 Across] cars.

SOURCE: The Guardian

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