Crossword English #90 — Bamboo Bike Trip (Cloze)

Crossword English #90 — Bamboo Bike Trip (Cloze)

A bicycle made out of bamboo grown in Cornwall, UK will be [21 Across] the length of South America by an environmental activist and adventurer raising [6 Down] about the loss of biodiversity.

The bicycle, which needs to be sturdy [2 Down] to carry Kate Rawles nearly 6,000 miles, is thought to be the first made [7 Across] bamboo nurtured in the UK.

Rawles will set [4 Down] from Costa Rica in Central America in December, following the spine of the Andes to [10 Across] Horn at the [9 Down] of the [14 Across].

The [1 Across] of the bike was made by Rawles, from Cumbria, at the London-based Bamboo Bicycle Club, from canes [12 Down] from a large clump of bamboo at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

“As far as we know this is the UK’s first home-grown bicycle,” Rawles said. “We’re delighted to have built it, and to be launching [20 Down] on this mountainous environmental adventure.”

Rawles’ journey – which she has titled The Life Cycle – is a follow-up to another adventure, The Carbon Cycle, in which she [13 Down] from Texas to Alaska. The Life Cycle will focus on climate [14 Down].

She says that [8 Across] the world may not yet be doing enough about it, [16 Across] people understood the urgent reality of climate change. But biodiversity loss, [11 Across] she says is every bit as important, is [17 Down] publicised and understood.

“It’s a hugely important [15 Down], with real impacts for people and other [19 Across] too. And there is so [3 Down] we could be doing to help arrest what’s been called the “sixth great extinction”.

Because the frame of the bike is made of bamboo rather than steel, it will have a lower carbon [5 Down]. Efforts have been made to source other parts of the machine from the UK. Rawles will be crossing the Atlantic by cargo ship rather than [18 Across].

SOURCE: The Guardian

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